Wacces Ab Power Wheel Ab Roller Review

Wacces Ab Power Wheel Ab Roller ReviewGetting tight, powerful abs is a common dream for both men and women.

Women want that flat stomach look to look awesome in their bathing suits while they’re strutting along the beach or hanging out poolside.

Guys want to get the coveted 6-pack to look ripped and studly whenever their shirt comes off.

The problem, though, is it’s not easy achieving this level of success. Just doing sit-ups day and night won’t get you there. If you really want to get a chiseled stomach, you’re going to need the right tool. A decent device to start with is the Wacces Ab Power Wheel Ab Roller. Below we’re going to talk about the features of this gadget, explain how it works, reveal what other people think of it, and more.

Wacces Ab Power Wheel Ab Roller

The Wacces Power Wheel is probably one of the most simplistic ab rollers on the market today. With an extremely affordable price, rugged construction, and being highly effective, it’s easily one of the best options for beginners and beyond. If you’re looking for a device that can help you train your abdominal muscles beyond the scope of common crunches, this thing is definitely worth investing in.

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Double Non-Skid Wheel

The Wacces Ab Power Wheel features a double non-skid wheel. It’s wide enough to help you keep stable during your ab exercises easily. The treads on the wheel are also thick and well-spaced which means the unit has great traction even on smoother surfaces such as vinyl, hardwood, or tile. This means you can spend less time worrying about slipping and more time focusing on your abs.

Multiple Exercises

This ab roller is also capable of being used for a variety of different exercises. It accommodates everything from basic roll-out maneuvers to advanced ab training techniques. This makes the Wacces ideal for individuals of all skill levels from beginner to intermediate and beyond.

No-Slip Grip

People that generate a lot of sweat when they workout often have to worry about using gloves or powders to make sure nothing slips out of their hands. For some, this is also a concern when using an ab roller. Some products have handles that are nothing more than slick pieces of plastic or metal which, when your palms are sweaty, can easily slip from your hands, causing you to crash and burn mid-workout.

The¬†Wacces Ab Power Wheel Ab Roller is different, though. It is equipped with textured, rubberized grips that prevent slipping and, as an added bonuses, improve handling of the device. So not only will you not have to worry about the roller slipping out of your hand, but you’ll also have better control of your workouts thanks to these advanced grips.

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Easy to Set up

Some of the more expensive ab rollers on the market today are overly complicated, involve all kinds of mechanical pieces, and require a good bit of initial assembly. The Wacces Power Wheel does need to be put together when you first get it, but it’s just a couple of pieces that fit together very quickly and easily.

On top of that the device is compact enough to fit nearly anywhere you want to store it. It’s durable construction even allows you to toss it around without having to worry much about damaging the unit.

So feel free to toss the sucker right in the closet or your gym bag as soon as you’re done with it!

Customer Reviews

Not sold on the idea of purchasing this ab roller yet? No problem. Plenty of people have already bought and used this device to work their abs and get flatter, leaner stomachs. And, guess what? They’ve been gracious enough to post their opinions of the Ab Power Wheel online for you to read!

Over on Amazon you’ll find that there are more than 200 reviews posted for this Wacces ab roller. Out of those the device has gotten a very impressive rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

More than a whopping 82% of buyers gave it a 4 or a perfect score.

Many people have commented saying that they love how easy the Wacces is to use, how durable the device is, and how incredibly effective the roller is when used properly.

They say as long as your form is correct you should get an awesome core workout that will definitely help you trim stomach fat and sculpt your abs.


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