Selecting Fitness Equipment for the best home workout

Selecting Fitness Equipment for the best home workout

If you’ve decided enough is enough, and you’re looking for the best home workout fitness equipment, then take a look at what we think will get you exercising in no time.

If you’re anything like me, then you most likely carry a little extra around the middle area. So, fear not, let’s address that area first, and move on to the rest.


What to select for the best home workout – Core Muscles

Other than getting your heart rate up to burn those extra calories, we need to address the middle section I mentioned above, and that is lack in core strength. Your core muscles are basically your tummy muscles, ribs, and pelvic muscles.

Your core muscles are all the muscles you need to keep your body up straight, but also the same ones you need to actually stand up. You may be surprised to know how much you actually need your core muscles, so it’s good that we concentrate on this area first.

I’m sure you already have an idea what fitness equipment we should be looking at, well, it’s the ab wheel trainer.

This device is great for a bunch of reasons, the first one is that it does it’s job, and it does so very well.


Ab Wheel Trainers focus on abdominal muscles

Have you ever tried to use one of these? If so, you’ll know that you haven’t wasted your money. It’s easy enough and hard enough to give you the workout you’re looking for, all the while focusing on your core muscles, among others of course (think of your arms).

An ab wheel trainer not large at all, it’s very easy to store in a cupboard or behind the chair for easy access.


You can use an ab wheel trainer in front of your TV

For those of you that want to start slow, this is it. You can do this while watching TV for a bit of distraction, and you’re going to get a great workout of those abdominal muscles.

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An ab wheel puts less strain on your spine than sit-ups would. 

If you have lower back ache or pain, then you probably already know it’s not a good idea or even an option to do sit-ups. With an ab wheel trainer you can focus on those core muscles, but without putting unnecessary strain on your spine, a huge benefit in my book.

Ok, we have the abs and core muscles covered, now let’s move on to the arms next.


What to select for the best home workout – Arms

You may not be happy about my suggestion here, but the cheapest way to exercise your arms is push-ups. Don’t get me wrong, push-ups are very hard, especially if you’ve hardly done one in months or years, but the positive side to this, is that you’ll be very surprised how quickly you can do 1, 2, 10, even 50 push-ups.

Our bodies are amazing things, and your body will react positively to exercise, building on each exercise session.

What equipment is available to aid with push-ups?

If you want to spare your wrists, then you definitely want to look at a push-up system.

This system twists, and the twisting motion helps reduce the strain on your wrists. These are great devices to help you with your pushups, they’re not overly large, and can also be stored away in a cupboard for easy access when you need them.

If you can do 1 push-up, it’s a good start

Don’t be afraid to do push-ups, one is good enough. Do one, and if that’s all you can do then so be it. Tomorrow, you’ll probably only do one again, but the next day you’ll manage two.

So the momentum will build, and before you know it you won’t just be increasing your number by 1, you’ll be able to increase your push-ups by 5, more pushup

For the ladies reading this article, if you’re worried about the difficulty of a push-up, you don’t need to do it with legs extended, you can do a push-up on your knees instead. Slowly extend the distance between your arms and your knees, thereby increasing the difficulty, but you don’t need to go crazy with a straightened body and hurt yourself.

Before we move on though, I want to summarise what we’ve covered so far. I’ve made the assumption that you’re looking for a low hassle easy solution for the best home workout.

I’ve also assumed that perhaps you haven’t been an avid gym goer, and you’re basically starting from scratch.

With this in mind, I think it’s good to start small. They say the hardest step is to just start. And believe me, this I can attest to, it’s hard to start, and even harder to continue.

That’s the second key to all this, consistency.


Start, and do your exercises regularly and with consistency.

Don’t get caught up in how many of what you’re doing, all you need to do is, well, just that, do. Start with some push-ups and use the ab wheel. Between these two, your heart rate will increase, you’ll give your core and arms a good workout, and this I think is a fantastic start.

Soon you’ll be looking for more of a challenge, and when that happens, take on the challenge, and enjoy your successes.

Tip: Celebrate each little success, no matter how small.


Final thoughts:

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for selecting for your home workout equipment. With this as a start, and with consistency, you can expect to see good results and as you challenge yourself, increase in the exercises you take on.

Please feel free to browse our site, we’ve done some reviews on great equipment that may be of interest to you.

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