How to use an Ab Wheel Trainer

How to use an Ab Wheel Trainer

If you’ve stumbled upon this page with the burning question, How to use an Ab Wheel trainer, then you’re in luck, because we’ll go through exactly how to use an ab wheel to give you the maximum benefits while using this fitness device.

Looking at the ab wheel itself, it’s not a complicated device. You have handles to hold on to, and a wheel, or two depending on the one you have.

Now, as in the image above, all you need to do with you ab wheel trainer, is to roll it.

Just rollin’ along!

Now you may be thinking, “is that all”? Well, in a word yes, but it’s the movement that’s going to surprise you.

If you’re holding the ab wheel handles, while on your knees (do make sure you protect your knees with a cushion or padding of some sort), slowly and in a controlled fashion, roll the ab wheel along and roll it back.

Initially, I’d mirror the posture you see in the image above, arms straight and pointing down, and move your body forward keeping your arms position. This way you can get the hang of the ab wheel and not hurt yourself while you familiarise yourself with the device.

Slowly but surely…

As you progress, you may want to move your arms, but believe me, this is very hard! Any movement in your arms increases the angle at which you’ve moving the wheel at, thereby increasing the strain on your shoulder muscles, your lats (or Latissimus Dorsi) you biceps and triceps working equally hard to keep your arm straight.

Try not to go too fast, and above all, keep your movements controlled. Rather go slowly, have controlled, deliberate movements, and keep from straining your arms too much.

As you start to gain strength and control, then by all means, push the limits a little, increase the difficulty and move your arms forward as you go forward. As you pull the ab wheel back, you’ll pull your arms into their starting position too.

Eventually you’ll be able to straighten out completely!

Imagine that! Imagine how awesome it would be if you had such strength in your arms, core, lats, hips (just about everywhere), that you can stretch out completely as you exercise with your ab wheel trainer.

It’s possible, and it doesn’t take anything more than consistency, dedication and hard work, as with all things worth it I would say.

Are all Ab Wheels made equal?

I’d say, looking at the ab wheels I’ve reviewed and researched, they are great devices, it all depends what works for you.

If you want two wheels for stability, then go for the Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller Pro.

If you prefer the thicker wheel and curved handles, then take a look at the Ab Carver Pro. I’m sure you’re going to get the same workout with either model, but it will come down to personal preference at the end (and perhaps what you’re aiming to spend on your ab wheel trainer).


Final thoughts: How to use an Ab Wheel Trainer

As you’ve no doubt realised, an ab wheel trainer is a very inexpensive trainer that will give you incredibly core stability and tighten up your abdominal muscles. I would caution you again, to start off slowly, and work your way to higher difficulty with the ab wheel range of motion.

Above all, when using the ab wheel trainer, make sure your movements are controlled, and that you stabilise your core, what I mean by this is to make sure you keep your back straight, stiff and your tummy tense. The way to exercise your abdominal muscles is to isolate them without putting unnecessary strain on the rest of the body.

If you can focus on this, then you’re going to achieve the results you’re looking for so much quicker.