Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System Review

Aside from cardio, one of the best ways to lose belly fat is to work on building muscles in your abdominal area.

Sure, running and swimming are excellent ways to burn calories and shred fat, but if neither of those activities are pleasurable for you, you don’t have to settle for it.

Training your core doesn’t have to rely solely on crunches or other mind-numbing exercises, either. Not only are these exercises a bit boring, they’re also not as effective as you’d think.

So, how can you chip away at stomach fat while simultaneously developing and sculpting your abs? By using a special tool. A good example is the Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System. Below we provide a full review for this product.

Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System Review

Ab rollers are especially effective at helping you lose weight around your belly and training your abs. After all, if you’re going to get rid of the fat, you’re going to want to have muscles underneath to really show off your new body. Tools like the Speed Abs system help you to both melt fat and build muscle.

This is a powerful ab roller with built-in resistance, a wide, durable wheel for excellent stability, and handles that are built for control. The device is designed to work all of your abdominal muscles plus engage other areas of the upper body for a more completely workout.

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Powerful Resistance

One of the best features of the Speed Abs workout system is the resistance. Powered by steel coils, this ab roller is capable of giving you a highly effective ab workout by adding resistance for both the roll-out and the return. This resistance engages all of your abs for a complete overhaul of your core.

Professional-Grade Grip

When it comes to any piece of gym equipment, good grip plays a key role in safety and performance. If a dumbbell or weight plate slips, it can damage floor or, worse, hurt people. Luckily, grip was a big priority for the team at Iron Gym, the creators of the Speed Abs system.

On this ab roller you’ll find rubber grips that prevent slipping, reduce fatigue on your hands, provide an ample amount of comfort, and they even help you establish better control during your exercise routines with the device. This means it’s much safer and reliable to use than other models.

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Beyond the Abs

One thing that really surprises people about ab rollers like the one from Iron Gym is the fact that, despite their name, they can actually help tone and build muscles in areas beyond your abdominal. Due to the movement, the way your body is positioned during the exercise, and the resistance you’ll actually be working not only your abs, but your arms, shoulders, and back, too.

This means you’ll be getting a much more intense and fuller workout than you’d expect. Yes, it is primarily designed to work your core, but the effects of the exercise the Speed Abs┬áComplete Ab Workout System go well beyond that. It’s a nifty tool for upper body strength.

Customer Reviews

While it definitely isn’t the most popular unit on the market, the Speed Abs system is still a strong seller on most online shops. Over on Amazon.com you’ll find that there are over 60 reviews posted by real customers that have purchased and used this workout tool.

From those reviews the Speed Abs ab roller has secured a very respectable score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. A mind-boggling 88% of users left either a 4 or 5 star review for the device. In other words, most people that try this thing out, really like it.

Many people have said that they believe this machine is extremely well built, durable, and it provides great exercise for your abs. Most have stated that it’s a very easy device to use and that it’s very effective. Everyone from complete beginners to fitness enthusiasts have tried Speed Abs and the majority of them agree that it is excellent for building up and toning abdominal muscles quickly and easily.

As with any product, though, there are a couple of bad reviews for the Speed Abs system, too. These are very few in number and mostly seem to be related to defective units, though, as they claimed the coil-based resistance broke after just a few uses. Based on other customer reviews it seems this is a very uncommon issue.

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