Valeo/Inred Dual Ab Wheel Review

Every day we have models with ridiculously good-looking bodies shoved in our faces through advertisements, TV personalities, movie celebrities, and, depending on where you live, even in our home towns. This often provides us with motivation to get off our couch and start working toward a healthier, better-looking body ourselves. Aside from general fat loss one of the most popular things people want to work toward is a great set of abs or, for women, just a flat stomach.

Hitting the floor and doing 100 crunches a day helps a little, but won’t get your stomach to celebrity-status. So, how is it possible to get rock hard abs or a flat belly like our idols? By using equipment such as ab rollers. The Valeo/Inred Dual Ab Wheel is a prime example of one of these gadgets.

Today, we’re going to provide a thorough review of this device.

The Dual Ab Wheel┬áis one of the most popular units on the market today. Not because it has a ton of bells and whistles, but because it’s extremely well-built, it’s functional, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get. It’s a fantastic unit to start with if you’re a complete beginner but it’s also sturdy and useful enough to be used by ab enthusiasts as well.

Many ab rollers today focus on being “top of the line” with additional features such as built-in resistance, LCD display counters, and other unnecessary functions. These extras don’t help you all that much, but they definitely drive up the price.

The Dual Ab Wheel from Inred doesn’t have all these crazy new features, but it works, and it works without costing a small fortune.

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This ab wheel is super easy to use. It’s sturdy, features a dual-wheel design for additional stability, and it’ll help you strengthen your abs as well as other muscles. If you’re looking for functionality, the Inred is definitely a device worth buying.


Multiple Applications

On top of being well-suited for training your core, you can also use the Inred Dual Ab Wheel to work out various other muscles. Executing the right maneuvers you can strengthen and tone other parts of your body including your upper and lower back, chest, arms, legs, and even the buttocks.

This adds more value to the unit as it’s able to do much more than just help you get awesome abs.


Non-Slip Wheels

The wheels on the Inred are of the highest-quality. Made with extremely durable plastic and featuring large treads they roll very easily while providing stability and preventing slipping. The wheels are also detachable so you can quickly and easily store the entire unit in even the smallest spaces.

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Tough Handles

Some ab rollers come outfitted with cheap, plastic handles that are well-known for breaking, causing hands to slip, and are just very uncomfortable to use. The Inred, however, features contoured, padded grip handles that provide both high comfort and give you extra grip for completing your exercises safely.

Overall, this device is perfect for rollout style exercises or any other ab-roller related exercises. While it does an excellent job of engaging your entire core, it can also be used to tone various other parts of the body, making it an ideal tool for a full upper-body workout.


Customer Reviews

As we mentioned above, the Valeo/Inred Dual Ab Wheel is one of the most popular pieces of fitness roller abdominal exercise equipment available. That doesn’t go without credibility.

Literally thousands of people have chosen this ab roller over competing brands and models.

If you go to you’ll see that there are over 1,300 reviews posted for this device. Each one was written by a real person that actually bought and used the Dual Ab Wheel.

In these reviews they reveal their personal thoughts about how well it performs, how comfortable the grips are, and whether or not they would recommend buying it.

From the 1600+ reviews for this product the Inred Dual Ab Wheel has received a total rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Nearly 85% of the individuals that bought it gave it a 4 star rating or higher.

This means that the majority of people that have used this ab roller believe it is a great product and recommend trying it out.

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