CSX Ab Roller Wheel Review

If you’re like most people you’ve probably tried out 100s of different crunch positions, trying to get the flat stomach and sexy abs you’ve always wanted.

Sadly, what most people don’t realize, is that no matter how many crunches you do, you’re not guaranteed to get ripped.

This is because most crunches, even the odd variations that force you to stretch in awkward positions, don’t work all of your abdominal muscles. So, while some may become larger and stronger, others remain weak and unnoticed.

This is why people have a hard time seeing results when they do crunches for abs.

Thankfully, there is a better way to go about getting those washboard abs you see on TV, in movies, and in magazines. Using a special tool called an ab roller, you can work out all of the necessary muscles to get truly impeccable abs. One such tool is theCSX Ab Roller Wheel. Down below we provide a full review of this device to help you decide whether or not it’s worth adding to your arsenal of fitness gear.

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Competitive Sport Xtreme (CSX) is a fairly well-known company that makes a variety of workout gear including fitness trackers, jump ropes, and, of course, their famous ab roller. This is probably one of the highest-quality ab wheels on the market today and it’s priced very, very well.

With dual wheels, a strong axle, great handles, and an included knee pad, the CSX Ab Roller Wheel provides a lot of bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a functional, durable ab roller to use at home, at the gym, or while traveling, this is a device we highly recommend checking out.

Dual-Wheel Action

Everyone that’s really into ab training knows without a doubt that an ab roller with two wheels is far better than a unit with just one. Why? One simple reason – stability. Models that only have one wheel on them tend to wobble and be very challenging when it comes to establishing balance. This makes the entire experience more difficult and potentially dangerous than it needs to be.

The dual-wheel system gives you an excellent amount of support, allowing you to stabilize yourself much easier. Thanks to the size and strength of the wheels, you don’t have to worry about it wobbling while in use, either. This makes each roll-out and return a much smoother, safer experience.

Great Handles and Axle

Another key aspect of the CSX ab wheel is the handles and the axle the unit has. The axle is a tough metal construction that supports your weight well and ensures fluid motion. The handles are awesome, too. They’re padded with thick foam that’s easy to grip and comfy to hold while completing your exercises. A lot of ab rollers don’t have this luxury and they’re more likely to slip or cause cramps or pains in your hands during extended use.

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Free Book

Having an ab roller is one thing, knowing how to use it is a whole different story. That’s exactly why CSX has included a copy of their Ultimate 12 Week 6-Pack Abs Workout and Fitness Program ebook with every single purchase of their Ab Roller Wheel.

This book teaches you the proper techniques for completing ab roller exercises, gives you 12 weeks worth of routines to complete, and provides you with additional trips and tricks for getting lean, sexy abs as quickly as possible. It’s an awesome little bonus that will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals.

Customer Reviews

The CSX Ab Roller Wheel may not be the #1 best seller among products of its type, but many people have still bought it and used it already. They’ve even posted their opinions of the roller online so other people can figure out if its a device they’d like to purchase for their home gyms.

On Amazon there are more than 80 reviews posted for the CSX Ab Roller. The real impressive thing, though, is how incredibly high-rated this gadget is. From a total of 89 reviews (at the time of this writing) an astounding 98% of buyers gave the roller a 4 or 5 star score. There are absolutely NO one or two star ratings for this device at all.

Most people have commented saying that this ab roller provides the most value for the money. They said it makes you really feel the burn when working on your abs, it works other muscles like the arms and shoulders, it’s extremely easy to assemble, and it’s very durable.

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