If you’ve ever watched a chick-flick, gone to a movie, or even watched an MMA fight you’ve probably noticed just how ripped the guys, and even the girls, are in these pieces of media. When most people see this they automatically think that they must’ve gone through a super-intense training program to get those chiseled and washboard abs. The truth of the matter, though, is that it’s really not that difficult to get ripped abs. You just need to have a plan, motivation, discipline, and, most importantly – the right equipment. Perhaps one of the most effective methods of getting stunning abs is by using a tool called an ab roller.

Why Use an Ab Roller?

Ab rollers are very simplistic, yet highly effective tools for developing, toning, and sculpting your upper and lower abdominal muscles, as well as your obliques. They are much more efficient than just doing standard crunches or other equipment-free exercises. Why? Because they require more balance. Balance and stabilization are the keys to engaging ALL of your ab muscles and getting insanely defined, sexy abs.

Finding the BEST Ab Trainer

So, you obviously know that you NEED an ab roller. The real issue is finding the best one to use. Lucky for you, we’ve extensively tested dozens of these gadgets and, after comparing the results, have created a complete list of the best ab training ab rollers for people like you that are seeking to start building up their core.

Below we’ve listed what we have concluded to be the top 6 ab rollers on the market today. Our criteria involved several aspects including the overall construction of the unit, the amount of stability provided by each one, comfort levels while exercising, and, of course, the total effectiveness of each ab wheel. Browse the list, check out our full reviews of each one, and get one of these incredible, simple tools for yourself today!

#1 – Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

The Ab Carver Pro by Perfect Fitness is our absolute favorite for many, many reasons. First off, it’s built insanely well. It’s tough and built to last. Secondly, the built-in resistance on this model is superb. It’s not over-the-top difficult, but it’s enough to make you feel the burn and really make this unit far more effective than any other ab roller we’ve ever reviewed.

Our rating? 10/10 – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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#2 – Inred Dual Ab Wheel

The Dual Ab Wheel by Inred is our second favorite. It doesn’t have any resistance whatsoever but where it doesn’t have bells and whistles it makes up for in extreme quality. If you’re looking for just a basic ab roller, this is by far the best choice. It’s well-built, lasts forever, and perfect for performing basic roll-out exercises to strengthen your core.

We give this baby a 9/10 – give it a go!

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#3 – Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Wheel

The Ab Wheel by Elite Sportz Equipment rounds off our top three. This is a well-made, dual-wheel roller that has NO wobble at all, excellent balance, and is a breeze to use. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a great ab roller for beginners and advanced users. It’s also one of the most affordable units available.

This piece of equipment gets our stamp of approval with a 8/10 rating – try it out!

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#4 –¬†Wacces Ab Power Wheel Ab Roller

The Ab Power Wheel by Wacces is another simplistic, yet effective ab roller. It comes in a variety of colors so you can express your personality, has a sturdy construction, and is perfect for beginners. Plus, it’s by far the cheapest model on this list.

We gave it 8/10 for it’s design and price.

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#5 – CSX Ab Roller Wheel

The Ab Roller Wheel by Competitive Sport Xtreme comes in at number 5 on our list of best ab rollers. This thing has an insanely powerful dual-wheel system, cushy foam handles, and comes with a great ebook that reveals how to quickly and easily sculpt your abs using the ab wheel.

We gave this beauty a 7.5/10 for rugged construction and an awesome bonus.

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#6 – Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System

The Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System by Iron Gym finishes off our list at number 6. This unit has a large, sturdy ab roller that gives you great stability and balance, ergonomic rubberized handles for powerful grip, and it works well on any floor surface.

We gave it a 7.0/10 for its sleek appearance and awesome functionality.

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